We teach the following:

God is sovereign over His creation and His divine purpose will ultimately be accomplished. In His wisdom God granted free will both to angelic beings and to mankind, despite knowing that they would rebel against Him. As a consequence of their rebellion, evil came into existence. God did not create evil; He allows it to exist, using it to establish His ultimate will. (Acts 2:23; Gen 50:20; Ps 115:3)

Although man is a sinner and morally unacceptable before a holy God, (Rom 3:23) his will is not in bondage and he is freely able to respond to God’s offer of salvation. (Matt 23:37)

God wishes all to be saved. He does not choose to save some and leave others to face eternal punishment.(1 Tim 2:4; 2 Pet 3:9)

Jesus died for all people, not just for those who respond to His offer of salvation. (John 3:16)  Faith is the only condition necessary for salvation and a person must exercise his own faith in order to be saved; God does not give saving faith.

God draws all people to salvation and without this drawing, no one could be saved. (John 6:44)  However, the individual is free to either resist God’s drawing or respond to it.

At the instant a person believes in Christ for salvation, God gives them eternal life and they can be sure that they will never lose it.  A person does not need good works to be assured of their salvation. (1 John 5:11-13)

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