This page gives an overview of our beliefs at Living Stones Bible Fellowship. Our Statement of Faith summarises these.

We hold The Bible (being the inerrant and infallible Word of God) as being foundational. Consequently we believe that a correct interpretation of the Bible is essential to all our other beliefs. This means that “When the plain sense of scripture makes sense, use no other sense, but take every word at its primary literal meaning unless the facts of the immediate context clearly indicate otherwise.” (Dr David Cooper). This is what is known as the literal, grammatical and historical interpretation of scripture.

We believe that the primary purpose of our Sunday morning meetings is to teach and build up The Church. Our strategy is to teach through the whole Bible systematically. On this website you will find a searchable repository of all our sermons.

Use of the literal, grammatical, historical hermeneutic naturally leads us to a creationist viewpoint regarding Origins, and balanced views regarding God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Free Will and The Gifts of The Holy Spirit.

Furthermore it causes us to place a strong emphasis on Bible Prophecy leading us to a dispensational and premillennial position regarding  End Times (Eschatology) and a view that the promises made to Israel in the Old Testament have not been transferred to The Church but that ultimately, the nation of Israel will be saved.